Directed by José María de Lapuerta, the Master in City Sciences is a cross-cutting Advanced Program between the schools of engineering and architecture of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). It represents the most ambitious Advanced Program ever promoted by UPM, providing not only a holistic view on the development of the city but also a unique opportunity to meet the best professionals in their respective fields. An international faculty and an extensive relationship between the schools of engineering and architecture provide a thriving environment that, with only two editions, has already become an international benchmark.

This educational program stands as a fundamental support for DL+A’s expertise on Urban Consulting. There are a number of key international experts among the Faculty members providing experiences and updated knowledge on different urban dimensions. MCS network includes collaborators and lecturers from the most distinguished universities worldwide, as Harvard University, University College London, Massachussets Institute of Technology, Illiniois Institute of Technology and ETH.

The Program responds to the demand of professionals with a technical and comprehensive vision of the urban phenomenon beyond the Smart City concept, which has been used mainly for the development of information and communication technologies, leaving behind many important urban, social and ecological issues.

MCS’s main goal is the job placement of specialized professionals who can address global problems and take important roles in companies or make contributions in fields such as environmental science, urban ecology or smart city policies. This Master Program goes beyond an excellent academic training aiming to give engineers and architects enough tools to take part in complex decision-making processes dealing with the future of our cities in international companies.

Major international companies and the top ones from the IBEX 35 have shown interest in this new professional profile, proving its importance. Encouraging the relation university-industry, Master Thesis are focused on relevant issues in the professional world, where the companies themselves are involved.
MCS is an exclusive degree, not offered in traditional careers, that has an increasing and current demand. Students become professionals with an absolutely distinguishing profile in the job market.


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