The project includes the design of two houses, attached to each other in a very unique situation.

It is a limit place. Boundary between the characteristics of a protected historical colony and an urban road with heavy traffic, with mixed uses (singhe amily and collective housing, residential services, educational, dotacional, offices, ...). Boundary between houses dated before the Civil War with two floors, white plaster and lush vegetation and a certain volumetric. Boundary between a quiet neighborhood, with minimum noise levels (25dba) and very limited traffic, and a road that appears in the maps of sound level with 75 dBA according to the data environment area of the City Council of Madrid.

In the set designed and also in each of the two houses separately, we have opted for a respectful volumetry with the colony, recessing the third floor, permitted by the ordinance, as much as we could. The two houses also committed to develop their entrance from the Colonia (flush), with its back to the noisy situation, at which the elevation is closed, like a fortress, with minimal holes that produce an image of high abstraction, but that also reflects the internal structure of the buildings, while the day rooms are oriented towards the south and the colony.

The proposed architecture aims to be integrated with the friendly neighboring in the Colonia. The light plaster and stucco, traditional, that kind volumes, the vegetation, the metal grilles and shutters, we are sure they will achive it. On the other hand, the colony will also appreciate the fact of assuming the boundary condition, of walls, to an aggressive environment.

The living room is protected under a pergola with deciduous vegetation, the bedrooms with two slat positions blinds (horizontal and vertical), and some grilles separating the ventilation position from the lighting. Just after entering, a set of mature vetetation and adult trees do not allow us to see the plot or the whole house and the visitor will have to discover it. The project aims decisively for energy savings (glazed Windows with high-tech glasses to the south protected by deciduous vegetation, light colors, maximum insulation, few holes to the north and noise).



Architects: Jose Maria de Lapuerta, Paloma Campo

chief architect during de works: Lucia Ortiz de Galisteo

Team: Project Manager: Jorge Romera / Palma Martinez Guillain Architect / Laura Cerro Frias Muñoz, Architect PFC / Filip Wojtasik. Architect: Eva Calles Aretxabala. Interior Architect / Oscar Gonzalez. Quantity Surveyor. / Valladares Ingeniería. Facilities and structure

Promoter: Private

Construction: IYCSA

Surface: 752 m2

Dates. Project: 2014 Construction: 2015 (under construction)

De Lapuerta y Campo | Calle Vicente Gaceo, 19, 28029 Madrid, Spain | Phone: +34 917 339 265 |