The relationship between the European Union (EU) and India has evolved in recent years, from that of aid donor and recipient, to one of partnership with opportunities for mutual benefit.

India is home to a third of the world’s poor. There are giant disparities in standards of living, and minorities continue to suffer from a disproportionate lack of basic services. With a total population of more than one billion, there are several extremely large urban agglomerations around 10-15 million inhabitants in the country. In such a context, where cities are expected to grow drastically, a proper planning becomes even more crucial.

The global objective of this assignment is to provide an analytical framework about sustainable urbanization in India and to help identifying cooperation opportunities between the EU and India. The project was carried out by ACCIONA and José María de Lapuerta was selected as Team Leader Expert by the European Union to work side by side with Indian authorities to share his knowledge on how to prepare emerging cities for the challenges that lay ahead.

The result is a set of indicators that must be used as a framework to analyse the reality of Indian cities. These indicators analyzed have been classified according to the main issues within a Smart City and the Indian reality: Smart Governance, Smart Economy, ICT, Mobility, Energy, Air quality and noise, Waste management, Water management, Urban planning, Smart People, Smart Living.

To adapt indicators to Indian reality, the project experts have met important urban stakeholders in the cities of Mumbai and Delhi. University urban experts and city managers of each field were the stakeholders required to understand the performance of megacities in India.

Finally, the indicators provided have been selected according to their capability to evaluate the reality in Indian cities. They have been grouped into profile indicators (infrastructure and current general situation) and Smart City objectives indicators. Some new indicators have been developed as well, to cover all the specific necessities for Indian urbanization.



  • José María de Lapuerta (UPM), Team Leader Expert
  • Loredana Donatelli (ACCIONA), Expert
  • Ana Contreras (ACCIONA), Project Manager
  • Javier Dorao (UPM), Junior Consultant

Client: European Union

Date: 2015

Country: India

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