Assessing Smart City Initiatives for the Mediterranean Region

ASCIMER is a three-year research project led by the Transport Research Center at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (TRANSyT) and carried out together with professors from other different departments and research centers at UPM. It is an initiative supported by the European Investment Bank under the EIB University Research Sponsorship Programme (EIBURS).

The project responds to the lack of standardized metrics and methodologies to assess, prioritize, finance, implement, manage and replicate those initiatives being developed nowadays and referred to as Smart City projects.

The overall goal of this research program is to develop a comprehensive framework to help public and private stakeholders to make informed decisions about Smart City investment strategies and to build skills to evaluate and prioritize these kinds of projects, including solving difficulties regarding deployment and transferability.

The project will address the following objectives:

  • To define the Smart City concept and to understand how it can contribute to meeting urban development priorities.
  • To develop a methodology to assess and prioritize Smart City projects.
  • To develop guidelines to implement and manage Smart City projects.
  • To Characterize Mediterranean City challenges and to develop a transferability strategy of Smart City projects. This objective will be part of the other three above

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Senior participants:

  • Prof. Andrés Monzón as the Research Program Coordinator and responsible of the Mobility field
  • Prof Javier Uceda responsible for Networks and Institutional Relationships
  • Dr. Claudio Feijoo responsible for cross-sectorial ICT
  • Dr. Oscar García responsible for Energy and Environment
  • Dr. Rosa Arce responsible for Integral Socioeconomic Development
  • Dr. Manuel Álvarez Campana responsible for Public Services and Utilities
  • Dr. José María de Lapuerta responsible for Urban Development and Planning
  • Dr. Jose Manuel Vassallo expert in financing and socioeconomic evaluation of projects
  • Dr. María Eugenia Lopez Lambas as expert in public policy and governance
  • Dr. Sergio Ramos as expert in cross-sectorial ICT


Client: European Investment Bank 

Dates: 2013-2016

Country: European, Asian and African Mediterranean countries

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