The Project of Seville comes from a first prize in a competition of ideas anonymous, national and open, that supported a promotion of social housing in one of the most prized neighborhoods of Seville.

The proposal opted to consume the maximum height. This decision allowed to release much of the ground floor. Pros: better sunshine of open spaces, visual and pedestrian permeability and, above all, the creation of outdoor spaces that address different types of public space.

The seven towers-courtyard are arranged with an arbitrary, random appearance in the plot, however thoughtful response to the increased distance between facades, the views from the houses, the optimum sunlight, the multiplicity of outdoor spaces ... The typelogy is four homes per center, all dual orientation.

On the facades, the extruded aluminiun sunblinds and the prefab concrete pieces acquire the same texture. That way, the transparent and opaque canvas appears undifferentiated, windows cannot be seen when they are closed, and they slide and are wide open...

Finally, the project addresses the different ways of relationship between users. Because of this, two types of community areas are created:

-The forest clearings, permeable on all sides to a city that participates in its enjoyment and maintenance.
-The Squares of the towers, all with different uses (gymnastic games, Basketball, skater, fairs, etc.), which invite users from the other towers to share their actions with its neighbors.
-At the same time, in each tower, an overriding public space discovers the ultimate degree of intimacy between users of different buildings ... the owner of one of the neighboring invites to the onwner from another one to his “watchtower”, to his finger, open spaces that signalize each other talking about invisible relationships ... .Smoking cigarettes, chatting, rambling or simply contemplate together "your portion" of heaven.



Architects: Jose Maria de Lapuerta, Carlos Asensio and Paloma Campo

Team: DL + A Architects and Mario Algarín. Architect

Associate architect: Jorge Romera

Competition team: Sergio del Castillo, Joaquin Mosquera, Adrian Castiñeira, Guillermo Sicre, Dario Negueruela and Syra Abella. Structure: Calconsa / Facilities: JG Group
Collaborative team: Architects: Elena Tejeiro, Paula Martinez, Matan Sapir.

Promoter: EMVISESA. Municipal Housing Company of Seville

Construction: ACCIONA

Area: 25,700 m2

Dates. competition first prize: 2007   Project: 2008 Construction: 2009

De Lapuerta y Campo | Calle Vicente Gaceo, 19, 28029 Madrid, Spain | Phone: +34 917 339 265 |