This commsion was a major challenge for our studio, designing in front of the sea of Lima, towards which the city has traditionally turned its back, as Lima stands on the edge of a cliff, 50 meters above sea level.

In a place like this one misstep, building aggressively, could mean irreparable damage to the natural environment.

In the proposed Trade, Exhibition and Congress Fair Center the whole environment, the cliffs and the sea walk along the Green Coast of Lima, are considered as the object of the entire Project. These layers are virtually terraced and each of the levels is embodied in the project as marina, promenade, carport with vegetation, fairgrounds or roof beams. Therefore the proposal becomes a serial set of levels, which are inserted in nature in a sensitive light manner, avoiding the explicit industrial and servile image of traditional fair buildings.

The image of the proposal is left to a single item, post-tensioned concrete beams, which generate a recurrent canopies and covers, blossomed with greenery and low maintenance climbing plants, which cool the atmosphere and contribute to the sustainability of the operation. Only with concrete and glass the thorny takswe had at hand, was resolved without much fuss.


Project: 2015

Location: Lima. Peru.

Architects: José María de Lapuerta Montoya and Paloma Campo Ruano Collaborators:

Architects: Alejandro de Miguel, Lucia Ortiz de Galisteo. Architecture students: Marina Bermejo, Pablon Quintanal, Daniel Mira.

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