The commision comes from a first prize in a restricted competition where the client gave a special importance to the organization of the educational program and the short-term execution of the works.

The general scheme responds to the organization of the circulations. Three arms of classrooms separated by level of education come together in a head that contains the common elements of the program, and is the "center of gravity" of the plan; place of confluence, meetings and common activities.

The edges containing classrooms, within this body, maintain the independence of grades of age and educational levels given. Each one is related to a courtyard and they are oriented towards the midday sun; while the corridors are oriented towards the north, with lockers and benches, bright and airy, become meeting places.

Prefabricated eaves and deciduous trees protect from the sun and control the direct light to work in the classroom.

The orientation in the plot and pedagogical reasons confirm that the arm for the children school has a single floor and its courtyard has an exclusive use, while as students grow older and their ability to climb stairs is not an impediment, the heights of the classrooms grow, which are also situated favoring the sunlight of the courtyards.

Children classrooms open directly to the outside, with no discontinuity between learning and playing and teaching abroad, which were the present utopias during the design process. Therefore, the proposals for furniture and classroom organization are not rigid and also speak about the concept of playing. The dining hall is placed at the end of the courtyard that separates the children school and the primary school, which opens at noon to a small forest of 15 trees with shade.

The constructive approach, because of the short lead time, is based on prefabricated systems and "dry joint" in structure, partitions and facades (metal pillars, forged alveolar plates prestressed, precast concrete eaves ...). Prefabricated facade panels with ocher arid, give the building a chromatic continuity with the "background" of red brick buildings that are nearby.



Architects: José María de Lapuerta Montoya, Carlos Asensio Galvin

Team: Architect contributor: Paloma Campo Ruano. Architect / Architects: Esther Jimenez Herráiz. Paul Bullido God, Adrian Castiñeira, Jose Ignacio Martinez, Pablo Sanchez de Vega / Engineering: Fernando Lozano Melero, Ignacio Peñuelas. Construction Quantuty Surveyour: Francisco Vinagrero

Promoter: Fundación Internacional De Educación

Construction: ECONIVEL

Area: 14.100 m2

Dates. Project: 2004 Construction: 2005-2008 (in two phases)

Photographers: Miguel de Guzman, Gustavo Queipo de Llano

De Lapuerta y Campo | Calle Vicente Gaceo, 19, 28029 Madrid, Spain | Phone: +34 917 339 265 | contacto@delapuerta.com