Our studio is responsible for the new big gastronomic space in madrid, 'Platea'. It is an old Gutiérrez Soto cinema in Goya Street, we were responsible for the project that gave the license, the restoration works to make the project viable and for the concept and architectural modelfor this new gastronomical space. The final interior design was made by other proffesionals withou our intervention.

We still think that some of the findings were trully big achievements. The inclusion of that big hole in the access floor, that makes the basement a public place, was a direct translation of Gutierrez Soto's ideas for the building roof top terrace, confirmed when diving into his archives. The essential concepts belong to our office, the scenery, the boxes, the different vertical and scalators...Many times we think about how Platea could have ended after the thinking we were developing then, for a five sense interiors.



Architecs: José María de Lapuerta, Paloma Campo

Partial Projects Architect Coodinator: Enrique Ramos (PROTEYCO)

Assistant Architecs: Jorge Romera, Alberto García, Anthony William, Elisabetta Nucera, Guillermo Sicre

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